Dollamur Flexi-Roll Mats

As Americas leading Gymnastics and Cheerleading mat manufacturer, Dollamur Flexi-Roll Carpeted Mats use the highest quality materials to ensure maximum safety and long-lasting durability. Our closed-cell, cross-linked polyethylene foam provides excellent shock absorption and is flame laminated to the durable carpet surface for a virtually indestructible, long-lasting bond. We have the best warranty in the industry and our mats are used in some of the biggest events and schools in America.

Dollamur – We’ve Perfected the Forward Roll



Available in five different colors; red, purple, black, grey and blue.

Is mainly available in the size; 1400 x 200 x 3.5 cm, if you need a special size, please contact us.

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Dollamur mats have a five-year limited warranty for vinyl mats & a three year limited warranty for carpet mats from date of purchase against faulty manufacturing and defective materials under normal use and when subjected to fair treatment. Dollamur will repair or replace the defective product free of charge including freight charges. No returns will be accepted by the factory without prior written permission from the company. Product repair or replacement is at the descrestion of the company. For Home Mats, Wall Pads, Pole Pads & Landing Pads, Dollamur offers a one year limited warranty from the date of purchase.

Any activity involving motion, height, speed, rotation, and/or physical contact creates the possibility of serious injury, including paralysis and even death from landing or falling on the neck, head, back or other parts of the body. Dollamur Mats DO NOT totaly eliminate this hazard. Users assume a risk of serious injury in using this product.

Users should strictly adhere to the following guidelines at all times.
1. Use this mat ONLY under the supervision of trained and qualified instructors. Use of this mat without proper supervision, proper spotting equipment and/or trained spotters can be DANGEROUS and SHOULD NOT be undertaken or permitted.
2. Know your limitations and follow progressive training practices. Be Sure to consult your coach or instructor.
3. Mat protection will vary according to room temperature.
4. Body slams or similar severe impacts which are illegal under the rules of wrestling are dangerous and may result in serious injury.

Additional information

Dimensions 1280 × 183 × 3.5 cm
Colors available

Red, Purple, Black, Grey and Blue