Dollamur.dk is the official distributor for Dollamur Cheerleading products in Europe.

Dollamur is one of the fastest growing mat manufacturers in the U.S. and the maker of Flexi-Roll® Mats for Wrestling, Martial Arts, MMA, Cheerleading, and Gymnastics. Dollamur mats are used in many of the largest competitions and sports programs in the world, and also trusted by some of the biggest names in the sports industry Dollamur also owns and manufactures the Swain Series.


Nothing Beats a Flexi-Roll®: Dollamur’s Revolutionary Flexi-Roll® System The Often Imitated Never Duplicated Flexi-Roll® by Dollamur Mat is the finest Mat in the industry and it is proudly Made in America.

Using Dollamur’s high-density crosslink foam which uses tiny air pockets to cushion falls and takedowns while remaining firm enough to pivot and turn on, make our mats the ideal sports surface.
Quick and easy set up and disassembly, durability, and above all, safety put Dollamur Mats at the forefront of sports surface technology, and provide you with a worry free training and performance space.

  • One Person Set-up
  • Always Lays Flat
  • Longer Life – outlasts standard mats
  • Never a Failure (tear or crack) at the folds
  • Optional connections including Flexi-Connect®
  • Does Not Shrink or Harden Over Time

There’s no flipping required: mats just roll out and are instantly ready for use. Flexi-Roll® mats feature the same five year warranty and excellent performance of our mats; the same high-performance sports foam, the same durable vinyl surface and the same state-of-the-art bonding method.

The Flexi Mat™, first developed over ten years ago, is made possible by our exclusive Flexi Cut™ process which makes precise cuts in the foam to allow each section to be folded over.

The result? A mat that’s faster and easier to set up, take down and transport than any other mat on the market.

Respected and Accepted Approved, Meets, and Exceeds impact Tests ASTM F1081, F355.astm The Best Warranty – 5 year on vinyl – 3 year on carpet. Over 5,000 High Schools & Colleges use Dollamur mats. Largest tournament mat supplier in North America. The fastest delivery in the industry.